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Tina has a voice that makes you stop what your doing and listen ........with TEXTURE WARMTH and STYLE!! 

Character voices to bring your copy to life.  Standard British, Cockney, French,  Carribean, and African Accents

Over 15 years in the business of VoiceOver brings Professionalism, Fun and Enthusiasm to your projects!! 

                 The Iron Fist
Game Changer Intensive
      HDTV powered by DLP Tags

Societe Generale

Singer / SongWriter

Listen and BUY distributed through on Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Spotify
Buy the EP Riddim & Soul  with the hit song "Mama".    AND Humanitree the Sessions with the song "Sorry"

tina marie
riddim & soul

the Sessions

TinaMarie_Humanitree The Sessions.jpg

Book Narration: Sambisa Escape
   a novel by Ifeanyi Efsimai
Narrated by Tina Marie Murray
   available on Amazon

Kickstart International Promotional Video for
Money Maker Irrigation Pumps
Neuman TLM103 Microphone
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
Pro Tools Logic Audacity Garage Band  
mp3, wav, aiff uploads to cloud
Dial in to studio to direct session
I've worked with many clients who need raw mp3 or wav audio for their projects from my studio:  tv projects for
broadcast, radio, websites, video 
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