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Tina Marie Murray






   My Ethos


I grew up outside of Kalamazoo Michigan.  A passion for writing sent me to Interlochen Arts Academy where my gaze of the world was changed forever. After College in San Francisco, in an Art for Social Change Program, I started acting and performing in local theater, films, industrials and in the world of voiceover in the Bay Area and LA. You've heard my voice on tv commercials, radio spots, and possibly teaching you a course at the Academy of Art College or a PMP training through e-learning websites. I've voiced animated characters for video games done ADR for network films, and narrated a documentary on the Peace Rose. I've used various accents and character voices for film, tv, radio, industrial and animation VoiceOver work, and I've narrated a few books too. That's a lot of talking!!


In between the gigs I've enjoyed traveling to places like the Ivory Coast West Africa, Morrocco, Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda and Dubai participating in Aid and Relief ventures or sustainability research and spending time teaching and addressing the needs of local children. I'm also a keen adopter of sustainable energy for the future and implementing resources like solar power, water conservation options, green packaging, and sustainable solutions that allow us to work toward mitigating the effects of climate change. The future is here and its forefront technology is leading our path forward. We all have to participate in keeping the planet green for future generations. Travel is the best education. It's the best way to understand the world.


I'd like to be a part of marketing and advertising products and ideas that reflect this change in a way that is globally and corporately responsible and works in consideration of the citizens of the world. How we communicate is shifting rapidly.  And we all have a choice to participate in a greener brighter and more sustainable future for the next generation. Only about 2% of aid reaches world communities who are in need. Philanthropic organizations, family funds and corporate actors have the privilege to be able to change these statistics.


We are the ones who will change the world.


For fun I sing, write songs and record them. I have two cds on you can buy. I love to paddle board, open water swim in the SF Bay, play tennis, and snow ski among other sports.

Let's be a part of leaving a legacy where the world is a better place from our having travelled our path. Love, Kindness, Smiles, Laughter. In service to our lives and communities, a little goes a long way.



             with Love  Tina 

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