Darren Arinofsky's One Strange Rock

I watched this documentary the other day at my sister's house and proceeded to come home and bing watch the other nine episodes. Despite an initial aversion to the Hollywood all genre star Will Smith narrating the series, I really got into the science. I learned about diatomes the building blocks of space dust in the ocean released from glacial rock.

I especially liked the astronauts working in the space program who talk about what earth looks like from space and how they were able to understand it so much better with a galaxy birds eye view. I'm still a fan of gravity but I have a renewed interest in Space Travel and the importance of space programs.

Science is only limited to what we know and can do and we are finding everyday especially with the onset of climate changes that there are so many things we just absolutely do not know and cannot measure. However, this does not mean we shouldn't and won't try. For the posterity of our place inside this vibrant galaxy that the astronauts who've been are the only ones to communicate the profound experience of navigating a galaxy connected to but not yet someplace we can call "home".

With SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA leading the way. I have a desire to research what Nasa is doing. They do so much more than just space research. Don't ever stop learning. It's what makes this life so interesting.

I'm checking into the internship possibiities at Nasa in regards to solar usage and its applications globally. This is what an MBA later in life has driven me to do. Stay curious people.

Tina Murray

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